Spacecode To Implement Pilot RFID with GIA

Press Release, November 15, 2016, Geneva: Spacecode Technologies has struck an agreement with the GIA, the world’s leading diamond grading laboratory, to implement an RFID pilot project in the GIA’s New York and Mumbai labs. GIA Executive Vice-President and Chief Laboratory and Research Officer Tom Moses explained the RFID service as “a pilot scheme the GIA launched in the first quarter of this year which offers seamless integration with GIA web services, allows near-instant intakes of stones, and enables quick sorting and processing.Commenting on the pilot scheme,

Spacecode CEO and Chairman, Pavlo Protopapa said: “The days of moving stones without logging their data are gone. With our RFID functionality, the GIA will improve its efficiency by eliminating manual counting, sorting and processing of diamonds it receives, resulting in a faster and ultimately smarter service in fulfilling its mission of maintaining the standards used to evaluate gemstone quality.”