Spacecode and MSOFT to Exhibit at London ISBT 2015

Press Release, June 28th, 2015, Geneva: Spacecode Technologies and MSoft, the specialist healthcare technology company (, will each exhibit their new solutions for blood tracking at the 2015 International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) in London. The ISBT is a scientific society, founded in 1935, which aims at promoting the study of blood transfusion and spreading the know-how about the manner in which blood transfusion medicine and science best can serve patients’ interests.

The common-partner booth will showcase MSoft’s hospital systems, including “Sample360”, the blood sample labelling system, and “Bloodhound”, the leading electronic blood tracking system that gives the healthcare industry the perfect tool for controlling and accessing all blood fridges with rigorous security and safety.  MSoft’s systems will be hooked up to Spacecode’s innovative V4300 high-performance RFID fridge to demonstrate how blood products can be tracked and traced, giving the end-user state-of-the-art inventory control and optimized patient care. Spacecode’s RFID tag technology lets the user instantly know which unit of blood has been removed from the fridge and raises an alarm to notify hospital staff if anything should go wrong.

Spacecode CEO Pavlo Protopapa expressed excitement about exhibiting at ISBT: “We’re excited to provide an intelligent RFID system in partnership with the leading blood tracking system. Every hospital wants to be certain that it has invested in a genuinely sophisticated, secure and safe system that sends blood to where it’s needed.” MSoft’s founder and Managing Director Matt McAlister said: “We’ve established ourselves as the UK’s leading software provider of tracking and management systems that dramatically improve efficiencies in time, traceability, usability, cost and, most importantly of all, patient safety.” Both companies’ blood-tracking solutions provide positive identification of users and patients and in-depth auditing of all bloods across each and every stage of the process – to help get the right blood into the right patient.