Hyperspectral / Lidar Imaging / Sensors

Hyperspectral & Lidar Imaging


We are changing the way we see the world ! 

 Whereas a color camera can only capture the intensity of incoming light in one of three colors—red, green and blue—a hyperspectral sensor captures all the wavelengths of the light, or encodes the time-of-flight as color (LiDAR)

 Moving from color to full hyperspectral imaging yields exponentially more information, with tremendous value potential for myriad applications

 This has enormous implications for the future of medical imaging


 Direct single photon counting

 Intelligence behind each pixel using digital processing units per pixel to perform advanced analysis of the data.

 Our disruptive proprietary technologies enable us to manufacture large area sensors combining advanced semiconductor materials with standard CMOS circuitry

 New On-Edge chip intelligence manages large data flow thereby avoiding the bottleneck of limited bandwidth

Diamond DNA™ Imaging



Capturing the deepest secrets of diamonds

Precision technology authenticates and verifies diamonds

Achieves the Holy Grail of the diamond industry to provide perpetual traceability from mine to finger

Rapidly records and identifies any diamond, forever


Unique cutting-edge spectroscopy technology to scan deep internal and surface rough diamond characteristics

RFID Sensors



SpaceCode Chip – LED Powered “Pick to Light” – the only RFID-Chip-LED combination available allowing powering of individual LED’s enabling only selected products to be identified

100% accurate reading capability

24/7 traceability of inventory

Deployed in blood bank supply chain, and the diamond industry


Patented chip, algorithm and technology developed for all environments unachievable with competitor technologies.

Unique ability to convert radio frequency energy into the LED power supply that enables pick to light

Powerful inventory management & data analytics software in easy to use, meaningful, user-friendly program