App Development

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Spacecode’s specialist IT and development teams create specialized apps for B2B and B2C audiences that will captivate your clients and develop your business. Our team has a deep knowledge of:

  • full-stack mobile development services
  • translating elaborate specs into user-friendly interfaces
  • brand and marketing development
  • cutting-edge development technology
  • work processes and agile methodology
  • UI/UX specialists
  • open-source frameworks and tools
Case Study:

The Spacecode team collaborated with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), to develop the industry’s first-ever Mine-to-Market (M2M) provenance program. GIA’s M2M was launched in 2017 and combines socially and environmentally-responsible diamond verification with a personalized, interactive shopping experience. The program facilitates a unique digital connection between jewelry retailers and their customers. M2M components include:

  • Smart card that instantly gives customers access to the GIA`s diamond grading report and certificate by holding the card near their smartphone.
  • Phone app that allows customers to view and share video of the actual rough stone from which the polished diamond was derived, and to personalize, view and share images/text/3-D models. The app includes a blank personal section for the couple who ultimately buys the diamond so that they can upload the rest of the story of their diamond’s journey.
  • An expandable platform divided into seven sections: Formation, Discovery, Mining, Polishing, Grading, Jewelry and Personal.
  • Digital text that tells the story behind each diamond – where it was discovered, how it was cut and polished, who designed the jewelry, etc.
  • Optional hardcover book that includes reformatted information from the app including the story of the diamond together with any personal information the customer would like to include.