Diamond Inventory Management


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Diamond RFID Cabinet

Stocks 4k - 5k parcel papers. No inventory count or sorting is necessary. Offers remote and live visibility, increases security with biometric access, reports on who, what, when & where.

Spacecode RFID Board

Scans 100's of parcel papers in seconds. No sorting required saving you hours daily. Prevents misplacing of stones in the wrong box. No diamond trader should work without one.

Spacecode LED Tags

Unique RFID LED tags will light up any number of stones you're searching for. Streamlines practically all of the processes involved in managing diamond inventories.

Spacecode RFID Pad

Used to link tag UIDs with stone control numbers. It is widely utilized for stone issuing and receiving, and can be connected to a scale for automatic weight capture.

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90% of the industry, including the GIA, is using
Spacecode's Diamond Solution

Why Use Spacecode RFID?

90% of the industry, including the GIA, is already using
Spacecode's Diamond Solution

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Automate your sites with rfid

With live inventory tracking, you can rapidly locate stones and boost your security. A must for all auctions and sites.


track & Trace stones through your factory

Increase visibility with real-time tracking and accelerate processes using RFID's automatic and rapid counting.

speed up intake with complete rfid automation

Automate intake to prevent bottlenecks. Enhance your security with real-time tracking. Our "pick-to-light" solutions will accelerate most processes inside a lab.

Find stones and count your inventory fast

Count your inventory fast with Spacecode RFID. No SORTING required with Spacecode's unique "pick-to-light" solution.

find molds fast and automate all processes

Automate and accelerate disorganized manual processes. Our RFID "pick-to-light" solutions reduce losses by ensuring on-time work delivery and boost productivity.

super fast stock counts with data analytics

JewelTrace gives jewelers an edge. It delivers real-time data on which products users view and buy, view but don't buy, and don't view at all.

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Multiple advantages with the use of the
Spacecode Diamond Cabinet

Our JewelTrace solution is ideal for both wholesale and retail jewelers.
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90% of the industry, including the GIA, is using
Spacecode's Diamond Solution

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