Spacecode Drawer-Revolutionizing diamond inventory management & storage

Spacecode's SmartDrawer revolutionizes diamond inventory management and control by securely tracking and storing large numbers of diamonds (up to 8,000 diamond parcels depending on the size of the stones) in real-time and viewable 24/7.
Diamond Track software for easy scan and search of diamonds with RFID tags with LEDvideo

The Spacecode Board transforming high-value inventory management

The Spacecode Board is a state-of-the-art RFID desktop reader that offers unparalleled efficiency in the management and control of inventory for luxury companies (diamonds) and healthcare (blood banks, cath labs, laboratories, hospitals etc). Check out...
Easy track and trace of Blood Bags using Spacecode RFID with LEDvideo

Spacecode RFID Transforms Blood Bag Management

Watch how Spacecode RFID creates exceptional management and tracking for blood bag inventory in blood banks around the world.
RFID Search using Spacecode Softwarevideo

Advanced RFID tracking for healthcare specimens

This video highlights a state-of-the-art RFID/LED Spacecode SmartFridge used by hospitals and laboratories for storing and automatically tracking RFID-tagged sample containers for blood and urine specimens, tissue samples and biopsies.
CathLab RFID with LEDvideo

Track-and-Trace Inventory Management for Cathlabs

Spacecode solutions for cathlabs eliminate the time-consuming tasks of manually identifying, marking and selecting the correct size of medical device for a specific patient procedure. No more expired stock, stock-outs or scrap means that...
Spacecode Plexus- SASvideo

Spacecode Diamonds & Jewelry

Spacecode diamond and jewelry: This video shows you the track-and-track systems for luxury goods enabling control, monitoring and securing using RFID technology.