Why choose Spacecode?

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Why choose Spacecode?

There are key reasons to work with Spacecode. It is essential to understand that RFID is not a commodity – not all RFID systems are equal. Spacecode RFID is a premium state-of- the-art solution developed by a team of experts. Our key strengths are our competitors’ weaknesses:

Accuracy: our customers and applications demand 100% read rate accuracy and we guarantee 100% identification accuracy.

Product Portfolio: our clients around the world have many different requirements and processes based on their specific business models and complexities. The Spacecode product scope and scalability meet and exceed every business need.

No user constraints: No limits on how the system must be used to ensure it works accurately – it simply works every time, all the time. No application is too challenging for Spacecode’s track-and-trace solutions team whether the item populations are very large, closely stacked or in random orientations, with or without metal and organic material, in a well-defined read range with zero stray reads, static or moving items.

Our industry commitment, customer support and extensive track record with leading diamond, jewelry and Fortune Top 20 healthcare companies make us the RFID solution provider of choice in our target markets.