Do Spacecode RFID solutions integrate with any in-house software or ERP?

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Does the Spacecode system integrate with any in-house software or ERP?

Spacecode integration is simple and straightforward. Software Development Kits are available for your tech team to create a seamless integration of Spacecode hardware and your inventory software. If you don’t have inventory software – talk to us. Our customer support team is here to set you up.  Just contact us.

Software integration is simple and straightforward with various approaches available:

  • SDK (Software Development Kit): Our SDK is effectively a gateway that is opened to channel data and commands to and from your software. We have Microsoft and Java SDK’s.
  • Spacecode Tracker: our stand-alone inventory management software manages RFID data separately from your ERP system if you prefer.
  • Enterprise System: your software provider may need to make some adaptations to best handle the new types of RFID data and maximize its advantages.
  • Combination: Spacecode automates the file data transfer from SmartTracker into your networked Enterprise Resource System.

Leading software companies around the world have integrated with Spacecode RFID solutions, taking from a few hours to a few weeks depending upon your software requirements and your provider.