Jewelry Digital Solutions

JewelTrace – Delivering disruptive solutions to the jewelry industry

RFID Powered Data Analytics & Digital Tools

JewelTrace our jewelry digital solutions, is the new way of doing business. Not only does it handle your inventory management needs, fast and efficiently, but it also provides live data of what is going on inside your store. Using an RFID powered solution it provides great insight to what is going on in regards with merchandise performance, customer trends and sales conversions.

JewelTrace Components
    1. Hardware:
      • JewelTray: An RFID powered tray that captures live data of individual jewelry placed on top of it, allowing you to understand what items clients are looking at inside your store.
      • JewelReader: An RFID handheld reader to scan your complete stock in minutes and find missing or misplaced items.
    1. Software:
      • JewelTrace App: Is full of digital tools that will increase your customer’s experience and increase your sales team conversions.
      • JewelTrace Platform: A back-end online management system that provides key business intelligence analytics for jewelers to understand their customer trends, merchandise performance and sales conversions.
    2. RFID Tags:

High Performance RFID Tags that do not have issues with metal or close proximity and will track and count your stock in minutes rather than hours.

RFID Jewelry Tray
Jewelry Digital Solutions
Jewelry Digital Solutions
JewelTrace Benefits

      1. Increase customer experience
      2. Increase sales conversions
      3. Decrease dead or slow moving stock
      4. Decrease costs
      5. Predictive data analytics
      6. Segmentation for targeted marketing
      7. Fast and efficient inventory counting
      8. Complete and easy to understand data with multiple reports

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