Blood Bank
Management System


BLOODSPACE Management System

Spacecode’s BLOODSPACE solution is a blood bank management system for hospitals. It uses BLOODSPACE RFID together with a compatible software to track and trace blood components within a hospital’s Critical Control Points (CCP), insuring a safe cold chain control and preventing adverse events. 

Benefits of BLOODSPACE

Blood Bank Management Solutions

A unique blood bank management system with multiple benefits.

  • Ideal Blood Bank Inventory Management Solution
  • Improved patient safety through human error reduction

  • Simultaneous track & trace of multiple blood bags

  • Instant localization & validation with LED tags

  • Reconciliation of data with physical reality

  • Workflow efficiency and productivity

  • Significant ROI

Blood Bank Track and Trace

  • All products covered
    Red Cells, Plasma, Platelets, Cryoprecipiate
  • Batch products
    All movements recorded, Automated reporting and alerts, Fridges with full access control
  • Several possible start points for tracking activities
    At Donation, During processing, Receipt into laboratory, Compatibility labelling
  • Access control to data
    Laboratory can see all real time stock in remote fridges, ARCBS could be given inventory monitoring for automated stock replenishment,



Unique characteristics that makes it the best RFID solution for transfusion medicine

  • Can read closely packed items and in any orientation
  • Pick-to-Light solution to prevent errors and speed up process
  • Automated reporting of business rule breaches with central alerts

  • Expiry date and temperature management

  • Bedside transfusion check, using NFC, for a vigilant vein to vein activity.
  • Offers the highest possible speed and performance for passive RFID, in the world
  • Conforms to the ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 2 RFID Standard
  • Can be interfaced to existing blood tracking systems

Advantages of using BLOODSPACE

  • Covers multiple type of Critical Control Points
    Cold Chain, Processing, Transport, Component selection, Bedside activities
  •  BLOODSPACE RFID offers major advantages over barcode
    Super Fast, Accurate, Efficient, Data made available automatically, and most importantly non-attended 
  • Software to control and report on the vein to vein process
    Ensure compliance to current guidelines, Collection of data for process improvement, Proactive alerts 
Blood Bank Critical Cotrol Points

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