Government & Defense Inventory

RFID inventory traceability and precision for government and defense logistics

Spacecode offers innovative RFID inventory management track-and-trace solutions for high-value items, facilitating superior infrastructure control and management with 24/7 real-time visibility of an unlimited number of assets.

Combining Spacecode’s proprietary RFID technology with Drywired multi-functional Nano-coatings, our solutions provide reliable and accurate asset visibility and tracking tailored to meet the stringent requirements of government and military organizations.

With vast experience in implementing RFID inventory management within complex pipelines and supply chains with multiple user levels, our proven solutions include:

  • RFID and Nano-technology asset tracking – search, find, track and trace in real-time to locate a single item from among tens of thousands
  • Ability to automatically capture source data and identify, track and document assets through the distribution chain
  • A tracking suite for logistics command maintenance centers with built-in 24/7 visibility and monitoring
  • Automated In-Transit Visibility of personnel, equipment and materiel during deployment and redeployment
  • Supports information and data sharing across multiple Logistics Information Systems
  • Analytics for inventory intelligence with reports based on required parameters
  • Built-in alert systems (missing, lost items)

Our Mobile Tracking Systems offer field mobility and on the move transparency of assets within facilities and between multiple facilities with the freedom to choose what to track, when to track, how to track and who gets access to data, according to specific users or user level groups.

What does Spacecode’s solutions offer the government and military industries?
  • Durability: Spacecode’s proprietary RFID tags work in extreme environments and conditions with tags readable through liquids & metal
  • Accuracy: 100% read accuracy
  • Manpower: Reduces manpower and increases speed-to-count during inventory
  • Tag population: Read large tag populations simultaneously
  • Close proximity: Read large numbers of tags stacked back-to-back
  • Orientation: Products don’t have to be placed in a structured style and tags can be read in any orientation or position
  • Label position: No need to apply different label placement for successive tags to avoid tag juxtaposition.
When searching for individual items from among tens of thousands, asset reports can be tailored and items can be tracked and located via multiple parameters such as:
  • Item Unique Identification (IUID)
  • Nomenclature
  • National Stock Number (NSN)
  • Reporting Unit Code
  • Table of Authorized Material Control Number (TAMCN)
  • Purchase date
  • Warranty
  • Supplier
  • Internal codes
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Physical locations
  • Documentation
  • Users/issuers
  • Lifecyle of items