The primary motivating factor for SpaceCode's various applications of LiDAR

Automotive & Other Industrial

Automotive Lidar 2
  1. SpaceCode’s LiDAR solution makes use of light or pulsed lasers to map out the world in real-time by measuring the time it takes for a beam of light to be reflected to the sensor
  2. The growing trends in the automotive industry toward self-driving cars and electric vehicles are expected to be the critical drivers for SpaceCode’s applications of LiDAR
  3. Self-driving cars increasingly use LiDAR sensors for generating huge 3D maps for 360° vision and for accurate information to assist in self-navigation and object detection.
  4. Non-auto industry LiDAR includes but not limited to robotics LiDAR, industrial LiDAR – Logistics, Industrial LiDAR – Smart City, industrial LiDAR – Manufacturing (factory), Industrial LiDAR – Farming