Anti-doping Track and Trace

Keeping specimens safe and monitoring them every step of the way
Healthcare inventory Management - RFID Spacecode Fridge for laboratories and antidoping facilities
Spacecode Fridge RFID enabled for inventory management and track-and-trace of specimens

Spacecode RFID Anti-Doping Sample Management Solutions

The chain of custody for anti-doping samples follows a sequence of actions — testing, sealing and analyzing of urine or blood samples — that occurs in, for example, a WADA-accredited laboratory. Securing and tracking of samples is fundamental throughout the analysis process to ensure stringent guidelines are met.

Spacecode track-and-trace RFID technology ensures that anti-doping samples are accounted for every step of the way from collection to cold storage. The patented technology keeps an automated record of the who, what, where and when regarding the urine or blood sample. Specially developed for use in doping laboratories, our solution includes a high-performance refrigerator specifically developed for use in doping laboratories, where urine or blood tube samples are placed in containers fitted with a unique Spacecode RFID inlay.

Our unique solution and technology play a key role in reducing manual involvement and reduce human error in counting and stocktaking processes while offering real-time actionable product visibility, workflow automation and inventory monitoring.

Learn more about our unique RFID solutions for anti-doping including RFID Fridges and unique RFID/LED tags for sample containers that, when combined with proprietary software, provide the ultimate solution for all laboratories involved in the track-and-trace of urine and blood samples.

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