GIA Offers Origin Reports for Colored Diamonds

At the 2019 JCK Show in Las Vegas, the GIA unveiled its extension of the Country of Origin Report for colored diamonds thereby providing a provenance report for the entire spectrum of polished diamonds. covered the announcement,  as follows:

June 2, 2019,  Rapaport News 

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will offer provenance reports for colored diamonds, expanding its existing service matching polished to the original rough.

The organization analyzes the physical measurements and other scientific data from natural rough stones and assigns each a unique identification number. When a polished diamond bearing that same rough ID is submitted for grading, the GIA puts the polished through the same tests the rough went through. If the two results match, the lab will confirm the country of origin for the polished based on information from the mining company that supplied the rough. The GIA launched the report for white diamonds in March as part of its Mine to Market (M2M) program.

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