What We Do

Spacecode connects the physical world to the digital world, based on a proprietary multi-faceted technology platform.

We provide enterprise and industrial hardware and solutions for smart inventory management, track and trace, anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting, and brand protection.

Spacecode’s patented technology solutions connect multi-spectrum (optical, RFID, NFC) tagging technologies with the blockchain and other digital inventory and ERP systems. Our services facilitate innovation and growth across a range of industries from diamonds, jewelry and healthcare to aerospace.

Award-winning RFID Track and Trace for diamonds

Spacecode has spearheaded the adoption of intelligent diamond inventory management in the global diamond supply chain via specialized diamond asset tracking solutions. Our total business solutions facilitate full visibility and control in the management of loose diamonds.

  • Secure track and trace with 24/7 inventory visibility and real-time audits
  • LED \’pick to light\’ so users can instantly retrieve a specific item in your inventory
  • 100% reading accuracy to ensure your inventory is always accounted for
  • Reading through metal, liquids and organic material including human tissue
  • Eliminates pre-sorting for diamond stock
  • Tracks and records the movement of individual stones: who, what, when & where

App Development

Case Study: GIA Mine to Market (M2M)

  • Providing customers with information about a polished diamond\\\’s origins
  • Verifying that a diamond has socially and environmentally responsible origins
  • A B2C shopping portal to buy a diamond, discover its history and personalize the shopping experience
Spacecode Apps

Software Development for IT applications

  • Databases
  • APIs
  • Frameworks
  • Server buckets
  • Apps & social media integration

Blockchain for digital assets

  • Making processes more democratic, secure and transparent
  • Reducing transaction times
  • 24/7 processing
  • Eliminating counter-party risks