Daron Green

Daron Green

Managing Director –

Spacecode Healthcare Asia Pacific/ ANZ

Daron joined the Spacecode team in 2020 and will be responsible for leading the development and commercialisation of Spacecode’s Transfusion and Healthcare Business streams.

The drive Daron brings will ensure that Spacecode’s unique and complete BloodSpace solution becomes a global standard for transfusion medicine. BloodSpace offers a true vein to vein track and trace solution and Daron will oversee its adoption throughout Oceania and then Asia Pacific.

Daron will also be responsible for developing world-class sales, implementation and support processes for Spacecode Healthcare.

Daron is an innovation champion with a proven record in healthcare software solutions, and advanced healthcare robotics and automation. Through his extensive experience in both direct healthcare provision, and in-service delivery to healthcare Daron has lead successful business groups in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific.