Spacecode’s environmental policy follows a commitment¬† to the environment within our own premises, and within the communities that we and our clients work in.

We endeavor to offer our employees a safe and healthy workplace with sustainable operational activities and providing environmental awareness in our procedures and processes.

Spacecode strives to work according to an environmental policy of best practices and to reduce our impact on the environment by:

  • Considering environmental concerns and impact in our operational decisions and product development
  • Offer up-cycling of products and support of product recycling in order to reduce environmental impact
  • Using suppliers who have environmental and ethical commitments
  • Minimizing waste, reusing and recycling as far as possible within our production processes
  • Use of eco-friendly energy, water, products and utensils as well as reducing paper and stationary with our office spaces in order to preserve supplies, reduce waste and protect resources
  • Work with team members regarding environmental issues that may affect their operations
  • Wherever possible we use renewable energy and maintain energy efficient practices in our offices
  • Waste Management: We consciously work to reduce the amount of waste we create and use every opportunity to reuse and recycle