Philippe Douste-Blazyy

Philippe Douste Blazy, Chairman, Spacecode Healthcare Board of Directors

Philippe Douste-Blazyy


Recently appointed Chairman of the Spacecode Healthcare Board of Directors, Philippe is the Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General on Innovative Finance for Development, with the rank of Under Secretary-General. He served as Special Advisor to the “High-Level Taskforce on Innovative International Financing for Health Systems”.

In 2006, he was the founding president of UNITAID, a multilateral South-North organization and a global health partnership (based at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland). He has held several ministerial positions in his native France, including Minister of Health (1993-1995), Minister of Culture and Communication (1995-1997), Minister for Solidarity, Health and Family (2004-2005) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (2005-2007).

Prior to embracing policy initiatives, Philippe was a practicing cardiologist and Professor of Public Health at Toulouse University in France.