Nova Spivack

Nova Spivack, Technology Advisor, Spacecode Advisory Board

Nova Spivack

Technology Advisor

Nova is a serial entrepreneur, investor and technologist with a 25+ year career in technology. He has helped to build dozens of ventures and authored almost 100 patents collectively generating billions of dollars in market value, including multiple IPOs, and acquisitions by Apple, Facebook, Samsung, Disney, and others.

As Co-Founder and Chairman of the Arch Mission Foundation, Nova is overseeing the building of a ‘solar-system scale archive’ of all human knowledge. He is founder & CEO of LA-based Magical, a science and technology venture studio and he is ranked among the Top 20 Futurists worldwide. He has advised governments, presidential campaigns, Fortune 10 global corporations, leading consumer brands, venture funds, incubators, and tech startups.

One of the early space tourists and space entrepreneurs, he has had a long interest in helping to facilitate the growth of a spacefaring civilization. He is a patron of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, and he was an early space angel investor in Zero Gravity Corporation.

Nova has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, from Oberlin College, participated in summer research at the MIT Computer Science Department and holds a graduate-level professional degree in Space Life Sciences from The International Space University.