About Us

“Spacecode provides transformational solutions leveraging high-energy physics, cutting-edge sensor technologies and high-performance computing to solve real world problems in high impact industries.”

Spacecode has been in the sensor tech industry for 15 years.  We started out as leaders in sensor based RFID LED technology for high value industries, where our solutions  have revolutionised and dominated the diamond industry and select healthcare applications. 


We are now expanding our sensor technology portfolio to include best-in-class hyperspectral imaging, next generation LiDAR, and spectroscopic techniques where our ambition is to develop the leading solutions and domain expertise in the sectors we serve.


SpaceCode technology is tested, has working products fully deployed, adopted and used daily by leading clients in their domains.

Our focus is on large unserved markets, with a window of opportunity, where we have clear competitive angles, to revolutionise industries.

Broad RFID Product Portfolio

We offer RFID track-and-trace solutions, from basic strategies through to highly complex and integrated solutions. Our Hardware includes: RFID readers, RFID tags, RFID chips, RFID refrigerators and RFID cabinets as well as stand-alone software. SDK\\\’s and middleware.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Spacecode’s management and advisors have extensive expertise in engineering, finance, intellectual property, computer science, medicine and nanotechnology. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the industries in which we operate

Spacecode’s Commitment to Service

Spacecode offers comprehensive training, programme management and customer support services: from solution design workshops, project implementation and consulting to technical assessments and upgrades. Our Technical Support services, based in multiple locations worldwide, provide support by telephone, online, remotely or on-site.